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Dianne’s Live OnLine Workshops
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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the workshops refundable if I cannot join at class time?
The workshop is a commitment and tuition is non refundable, but with a 24 hour advance notice, tuition is transferable to a future workshop session.  Otherwise, no refunds will be given.

Should a class need to be cancelled on our end, we will re-schedule the class.  If the rescheduled time does not work for you, we will refund your tuition in full.

Do you offer payment plans?
No.  If you need a payment plan, apply for PayPal’s “Bill Me Later.”

Can you give a quick overview on how the workshop is taught?
If you are familiar with Dianne’s full length instructional videos, you will know what to expect.  The workshops will be taught in the same format.  .

In each Workshop, Dianne introduces the concept she will be teaching, explains the palette of colors to be used, then demonstrates with a study showing how the concept can work.  Once the lesson is finished, she gives students a Prompt which is an assignment for practicing the concept taught. There is Q&A time to be sure everybody understands the assignment.  Students will receive by email a link to a packet of images to use for their practice work.  Each student will then schedule a private mentoring session with Dianne.

During the next four days, student will work on their studies and have their one-on-one sessions with Dianne.  Each student will send Dianne a photo of a completed study.

What system requirements do I need to participate?
We use the web-hosted service Zoom (very much like Skype) to conduct all workshops and mentoring sessions. This software does not cost anything for students. It supports PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. To find out more about Zoom go to 

Can artists of any skill level enroll in the workshops?
You need to feel confident with handling brush and paint.  You should do well if your skills are at least an Advanced Beginner level or higher.  Like all concept centered classes, the more comfortable your skill level, the better your chances are for success. 

What supplies will I need?
Each workshop is focused on design principles rather than specific materials, so you would be successful using the supplies you already have.  Because oil paints work so well for teaching principles without concern for drying time, Dianne uses oils to teach these workshops.

Here is a list of the colors on Dianne’s palette: Those colors in parentheses are not on her permanent palette, but occasionally used.

Gamblin Titanium White, Utrecht Hansa Yellow Light, Rembrandt Cadmium Yellow Deep, (Rembrandt Yellow Ochre Light), Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Red, Gamblin Cadmium Red Light, Gamblin Alizarin Permanent, (Gamblin Quinacridone Violet), Gamblin Dioxazine Purple, Gamblin Utramarine Blue, (Utrecht Thalo Blue), Rembrandt Viridian, (Gamblin Ivory Black) 

If you have further questions, please feel free to email our team at .

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