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    How to Create a Notan: Two Demonstrations from Dianne Mize on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for Subscribing to Dianne’s Newsletter”

  1. I have subscribed to Dianne’s YouTube channel and registered for her weekly newsletter. How else can I engage further? I am 70 years old, new to painting and wish to fast track my progress. I would like to be able to send questions occasionally but not overwhelmingly frequently!.

    1. Don, one good way to send questions is in the YouTube comments section. Dianne answers all comments made there every day, so as a subscriber, it’s a good way to engage without being overwhelmed and at your own pace. When you subscribed to the YouTube channel, I hope you clicked to receive notifications so that every time they post a new video, or have a YouTube chat, you’ll get an email notice about it. Hope this helps.

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