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Using as her reference an old abandoned truck in bushes, Dianne studies how we can use similar values, soft edges and value gradations to merge shapes in order to direct attention to be towards other shapes in a composition.


Simplifying Shapes – S36L3 Downloadsimplifying shapes

 This lesson is S36L3, Simplifying Shapes of the COMPOSING SHAPES Series.  Using as her reference yellow rose,  Dianne guides us through how to see simplified shapes within images and a way to interpret that simplification with paint in order to enhance our compositions.

A shape occurs whenever a single area of space becomes two due to edges surrounding a portion of the space.  Shape forms the images with which the artist works and  therefore is a necessary part of any visual work.  How the artist treats these is a major portion of the composing process

In this Series, Dianne explores four ways we can handle shapes for composing our interpretations of our subjects or concepts.


 Rather than becoming refined paintings, all these lessons are studies, each showing a different approach for using a composing principle.  Dianne’s approach to teaching is to show you ways to think about making choices and decisions so that you can work these into your own unique approach to painting.


With every brushstroke we make, we are composing.  Just as with any creation, we begin with a structure, then as the art work begins we place shapes and colors according the concept with which we are working.  But the time comes when we move to a different level of thinking and decision-making–that moment when our intention becomes to bring clarity and resolution to the work.

Among Dianne’s passions about painting and teaching painting is how composing principles can expand creative freedom if the artist transcends the “rule” idea and instead, transforms the principle into a tool that opens creative doors.

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