CREATING AERIAL PERSPECTIVE-1: Painting Atmospheric Space


In this first lesson on Aerial Perspective, Dianne explains why things appear to changes as they move into distance, then demonstrates a method for translating this phenomenon with paint.

Painting Atmospheric Space


Observing and painting the atmosphere is the focus of Painting Atmospheric Space,  the first in our aerial perspective series. The lesson demonstrates how the color, shapes and edges change because of particles in space.   This study examines how we can interpret those changes in paint. Here we see how we can translate distance we observe by controlling value contrast, intensity and edges.  

For this study, Dianne uses a limited palette of colors that include the dominant colors in the scene plus their complements.  These choices allow the strong contrast needed for nearby space as well as the more muted contrast required for distance.

To augment this study, check out Dianne’s paintings Approaching Sundown on the Tallulah and Winter Morning on the Tallulah both found in the “Earth and Water” page of he website.




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