D-Guiding the Eye with Gradation


SERIES TWO:  CREATING VISUAL PATHS–In painting, we create visual paths using movements and rhythms created by how we place images and elements of emphasis to create a direction for the eye to follow.

LESSON Four–Guiding the Eye with Gradation 

In this study, Dianne uses gradation of value and hue to create minor paths that guide the eye around the painting.  The subject matter becomes only reference material, the REAL subject being the concept of gradation to create a visual path.

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[typography font=”Bree Serif” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Here gradation for guiding the eye is an additional way to expand our visual vocabulary by focusing on a concept.  One of the best ways to expand our working vocabulary and expand our realm of expression is to spend time doing studies where our intention is not about the subject matter, rather on a particular concept.  The subject matter then becomes only reference material, the REAL subject being the concept.  In this lesson, Dianne continues this very attitude using gradation of value and hue, creating minor paths as the REAL subject within the reference material of a little barn in a pasture.[/typography]

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