Fifth Friday Feature: Rural Road


In this two hour video, Dianne takes you through the process of creating a painting based on a lessons taught in Series 5 & 6.  While painting, she explains how she is using concepts taught in these lessons.  Rather than a study, here she brings a painting to near completion.  Since this video is much longer than the regular lessons, expect it to take more time to download.  

Fifth Friday Feature:  Rural Road

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Our Fifth Friday Feature:  Rural Road focus on Series Five and Six, pulling together the concepts taught for aerial perspective and decoding harmony.  In the regular video lessons, Dianne uses studies, rather than a finished piece, to teaching a particular principle.  In this two hour feature, Dianne takes you through the process of creating a relatively complete painting from conception to a rough finish.   While painting, she refers to various lessons in taught in Series Five and Six, explaining how she’s applying principles taught in those lessons.

Our hope for the Fifth Friday Feature is to offer both reinforcement for previous lessons and to allow our students an opportunity to revisit the concepts they’ve already studied.

To see more of Dianne’s work, go HERE and clip on Paintings.  Among other artists who use these principles effectively, take a look at works by Linda Glover Gooch and Lori Putnam .

If you missed our first feature video, you can find it HERE.

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