Conveying the Light Source COURSE



A self-directed course that teaches you the difference between a primary, secondary and tertiary light source, how to locate the primary light source and communicate it in your paintings

The premise of this course is that we see because of light sources. If we are aware of the direction of the primary light source and communicate that in our paintings, we are more likely to have a successful painting.
The course is divided into three parts:
(1) The Hierachy of Light
(2)Setting Light & Shadow Shapes
(3) Translating the Light Source
For each part, there is an instructional video, an opportunity to ask Dianne questions via email, and a follow-up exercise for you to do so that you can experience the concept being taught.
Once you have completed the course exercises, you will have a one on one coaching session with Dianne via Zoom. This will be for evaluating your work as well as giving you clarity on any point you might not be sure you understand.

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