C-Guiding the Eye with Hue


LESSON Three–Guiding the Eye with Hue

In this study, Dianne focuses on using hue complements to guide the eye throughout a painting.  Using a little barn in a pasture as model, she shows you how to organize the process.  In step 1, she selects the dominant color for the palette which,  in step 2, she uses to develop the Notan for discovering the major path.  In step 3, she guides us in setting up the other colors for the palette, then she slowly weaves a conversation of hues throughout the study to show how minor paths created with opposite hues lead the eye along a path within the piece.

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[typography font=”Bree Serif” size=”24″ size_format=”px”]Guiding the Eye with Hue is yet another way to expand our visual vocabulary by focusing on a concept.  One of the best ways to expand our working vocabulary and expand our realm of expression is to spend time doing studies where our intention is not about the subject matter, rather on a particular concept.  The subject matter then becomes only reference material, the REAL subject being the concept.  In this lesson, Dianne continues this very attitude using contrasting hues creating minor paths as the REAL subject within the reference material of a little barn in a pasture.[/typography]

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