Join in the fun! Every month, Dianne holds a Live Stream Workshop. Topics are announced at least two weeks in advance.

OUR MAY online workshop WILL BE on JUNE 28!

Varying & Repeating Color in Your Paintings

You will learn…

How repeating & varying can enrich your paintings

How to use variations of hue, with saturation, and/or with value in your paintings

How to find palette schemes with potential for varying Ways to repeat color for color harmony and unity

How to repeat and vary color at the same time

●      All this will give you skills for identifying, mixing and placing colors in your paintings!

Four video lessons! Questions Answered! And a one/one session with Dianne

All workshops $158

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration which will contain the link to your Workshop Syllabus.

Maximum 15 Participants.

Each workshop includes…

  • Exercises to teach you a how to use the concept being taught
  • Full demonstrations by Dianne
  • Access to videos of the instruction after the session
  • An comprehensive Syllabus to get you ready for the experience
  • A Homework Packet guiding you through exercises to practice the concepts taught
  • A 45 minute private coaching session with Dianne after the main session
  • Unlimited email help from Dianne while doing the assignment
  • Live streamed via Zoom
  • Nearly three hours of instruction and discussion
  • You will be able to see all your classmates and talk live with them and with Dianne. 

The number of participants are limited to 16.

Workshops are announced in Newsletter Updates, on Facebook, and on Twitter. If you’ve not done so already, sign up for Dianne’s communications here in the column on the right

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