Expect Dianne’s video tutorials to be different. They are.  Her approach to teaching focuses on the individual’s unique expression, not on the popular trends of the day.  Dianne is passionate about teaching and about painting.  She firmly believes that the evolving artist finds freedom for expression when he or she can work with the mechanics of composing and sound techniques and it is from this stance that these videos are produced.

Each  video tutorial is based on the principle that people master skills by practicing and absorbing one single chunk at a time.  Dianne’s lessons each take a single composition principle and shows a way to work it rather than how to apply it.  She thinks of these so-called principles as work horses rather than rules or laws.

Dianne believes that while learning new skills, creating studies rather than finished paintings frees you to learn without being encumbered with an anxiety of showing the results.

Following the lesson, she gives you a prompt for practicing the principle.  Research shows that if you practice one hour per day for seven days, you will accomplish far more than practicing for seven hours straight.  Dianne recommends that you do this before going to the next video lesson.

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