Merging Value and Intensity-DVD


LESSON Two–Merging Value & Intensity
In this study, Dianne uses the same values and intensities from the inside to merge with the similar values and intensities of adjacent space, but with each space being a different hue. The subject matter becomes only reference material, the REAL subject being the concept of the use of lost edges to unify space.
Next week’s lesson will use gradating through edges for creating fog and mist.

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Lesson 2: Merging Value and Intensity-DVD
Using the same value and the same intensity, but different hues from the inside of a shape and its adjacent space is an additional way to expand our visual vocabulary by focusing on a concept. One of the best ways to expand our working vocabulary and expand our realm of expression is to spend time doing studies where our intention is not about the subject matter, rather on a particular concept. The subject matter then becomes only reference material, the REAL subject being the concept. In this lesson, doing a rough study, Dianne continues this very attitude applying the concept of using lost edges to unify a painting, using as her reference a gray squirrel.

SERIES THREE: POWER OF THE LOST EDGE–In painting, the way we handle edges often makes an otherwise mediocre painting an outstanding one. The lost edge is one of the most powerful methods for guiding the eye throughout the painting as well as uniting positive and negative space


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